Environmental protection with tradition

The responsible treatment of employees and the environment always figures prominently at C. W. Clasen.

As a family-managed food company in its 3rd generation, C. W. Clasen GmbH is aware of its corporate role and champions the responsible treatment of employees, consumers and business partners. It is committed to a sustainable and socially responsible management. In concrete terms: to invest in more efficient and environmentally-friendly production plants as well as low-waste packaging. It observes applicable law in its business dealings and ascertains highly ethical standards. Social commitment, fair treatment of each other as well as economical, social and ecological responsibility are the foundation of its business practises. This is the only way to provide premium quality in the future as well in order to create more enjoyment for everyone.

A central component of our corporate goals is to protect the trust placed in C. W. Clasen GmbH by its employees, consumers, business partners, public authorities and the public. The conscientious, law-abiding and morally upright behaviour of all employees is of great significance for the reputation and economic success of the company.

Applicable international conventions, national and international agreements, laws and industrial minimum standards as well as all other fundamental provisions and principles are observed at the production and the management sites of C. W. Clasen GmbH. As a member of the Assembly of Honourable Merchants, the company adopts the Assembly’s code of conduct and commits itself to observe the duties stated therein. The company is also committed to its employees, the business and the environment above and beyond these duties as well.

The present document represents the comprehensive pledge of C. W. Clasen GmbH to accept responsibility for the environment and the company. The consumers greatly appreciate this sense of responsibility and have placed their trust in the Clasen brand for nearly 60 years now.

PDF: Principles of Sustainability