Corporate Philosophy

Company philosophy

We, the company C. W. Clasen, are a family-run business which lives for sustainability, as the worldwide trading relations that began more than half a century ago are now being carried on in the third generation.

Much has changed since our founder, the Hamburg merchant Carl Wilhelm Clasen, set up his business in 1955. But one thing has always stayed the same: the love and care across generations with which we have been trading high-quality nuts and dried fruits that are healthy and delicious – in the tradition of the finest craftsmanship. Knowledge and mastery in the trading and processing of nuts & dried fruits is passed along from generation to generation. The sense of responsibility towards the company, the employees and the customers is therefore especially great. Long-term reasoning and sustainable trading are more important to us than rapid success. And that is how we think and work.

Nothing is closer to our hearts than the quality of our products. To ensure that, we not only work with selected producers and use their carefully sorted commodities, which we process as quickly and as gently as possible, but we also complement our nuts and dried fruits with a special touch of attention. And that can be tasted: from crunchy nuts to aromatic fruits, an intensive, unadulterated taste is characteristic of all of our products.

From the family for the consumer – this is the recipe for success to which we at C. W. Clasen have felt obligated to for over 50 years. As a family-run business, we put the consumer at the centre of all considerations and activities. All values and standards not only define our products but also our entire way of thinking and our actions.

Despite all our professionalism, we as C. W. Clasen have deliberately remained familial. We always try to introduce a personal aspect to our work since it takes up such a considerable part of our lives. Not only is this noticed by our employees but also by our numerous customers and suppliers. In keeping with the motto of Hamburg merchants, who were once the founding members of the Hanseatic League, the spoken word still carries as much value with us as a signed contract. Our requirement of being able to trade in the tradition of honourable Hamburg merchants is even reflected in our GTCs, the General Terms and Conditions of the Warenverein of the Hamburger Börse e. V.

A good partnership is always based on mutual trust. We acquire that trust with the transparent, convincing work that we do. It is because of our honest association with our business partners, customers and employees that they have remained loyal to us for so many years.