Along with our brands, we cultivate extensive business relationships with bulk purchasers and processing firms. As a national and international supplier of nuts, dried fruits and seeds, our customers are convinced by our excellent product quality.

Key features of our efficiency are the broad range of goods aligned to the requirements of our customers, our speed and our flexible logistics, which are capable of smoothly handling orders for large quantities to be delivered at short notice.

As one of the few full-service providers, we consolidate all services in this complex area. Starting with direct commodities purchasing without intermediaries or brokers, the nuts, seeds and dried fruits we have – depending on the specification of our customers – can be:

  • cleaned and sorted
  • packaged or repacked or even unblocked (with strong vacuum)
  • refined through salting, seasoning, coating, heating or roasting
  • crushed, chopped or ground to the desired size fraction
  • separated or mixed
  • filled and packaged

Our selection of container sizes and packaging types ranges from Tubular, Flat or Quadro Seal Bags with a content of 25 – 2500 g to resealable tins and bagged goods up to Big Bags with a content of 1 ton.

Your B2B contact is directly available at kontakt[at]cwclasen.de.